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The world from the game Between The Brain and The Guts is supposed to represent irrationality and nonsense of existence. The Rift is a world of dystopian space where humanoid mutants wander in strange lands. They are looking for solace from the overwhelming reality they live in and for solutions  to keep them self sane. Only some fragments of The Rift are known from the old maps and the rest is one big mystery. The story of the game takes place in an ominous land called "Between The Brain and Guts". The story begins with one of the mutants breaking free from his Inner World. Waking up from reality created only to keep people ignorant and tranquil makes protagonist scared and at the edge of insanity. After escaping Inner World mutant needs to protect himself from madness of The Rift. He needs to find the way to survive and choose whether to help other mutants come in terms with tragic reality or be the factor of complete annihilation of their kind.

I invite you to discord and write a proposal for the full version of the game:

Game design: Marcin Mądzik
Music: The LONGING - Original Soundtrack
Composers: Lord Redstone, Spectral Kingdom,
Erdstall, Dungeontroll, and Vindkaldr

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marcin_madzik/

I created a game demo. The game can be downloaded for free. I would like to continue the project in the full version of the game. If you like the project, please support me with a donation and I will try to release the full version of the game.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorMarcin Mądzik
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Creepy, Exploration, Fantasy, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Monsters, weird


Between_The_Brain_And_The_Guts_ENG_VERSION_1.1.rar 554 MB

Install instructions

The game is available for windows systems. The game was created on the unity engine. The game is packaged in rar forma


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A very interesting and unique experience. Despite being only a demo, it had a strong essence and signature. 

The Lore feels great, the art and visuals are clearly incredible. 

I do regret that it lacks some accessibilty features (text size that can't be modified, controls etc.) or some UI/UX that lacks polish (for example, dialogue boxes that superposes or dialogues not translated). Additionally, even if I enjoyed the lore and scenario, the narration felt basic (most of the delivery was with a big pile of text and a VHS). But all of those are acceptable as a demo :)

Also, on the front page, a mention of all trigger warnings would be appreciated ^^

In the end, Between the Brain and the Guts feels very promising and unique, I liked it and would definetly recommand it :D


Undoubtedly an interesting game, with a bizarre and deep plot at the same time. I think there was a little inspiration from Plato's cave there, wasn't there? Congratulations and I can't wait for the full version.

Thank you very much. The game was inspired by Thomas ligotti, the book "The Conspiracy Against the Human Race" to be exact. I haven't read Plato's cave, maybe I should, thanks. I wonder if I should start a kickstarter. I would like the full version to have an original soundtrack. I would like the full version to be at a higher level in terms of programming and design. And it will be time consuming for sure.


Really great game. Thought provoking. I didn't read the description before going on. Here's my video if you'd like to check it out. Any likes / comments / whatevers appreciated. Haha. Great game!

Thanks for playing my game <3 . The game is currently in a demo version. I wonder whether to work on the full version or, at the same time, start creating another game. Of course, in its style: D Btw in its full version, the knife that the player gets was also used to murder other mutants. The player would be able to either help other mutants or drive them to madness. The world would also be bigger. Visit my social media like instagram.

Thanks for playing my game <3

Great game dev good and different story and the art is great good job dev 

thank you very much, I will see if I will continue the story of the game.